Preparing For Parenthood But Not Preparing Financially

Preparing for Parenthood But Not Preparing Financially is nerve racking I know, we have a 5 year old girl, and both my husband and I were nerve wrecks, even more when she was born, we were first time parents and we had no help from anyone.  The 9 month experience was amazing, the preparing, the nesting, listening to the heart beat for the first time, the appointments, the cravings, the swollen feet (lol) reading all the books about motherhood and parenthood that you can imagine and the best part, holding her in our arms for the very first time. TheRead More

DS Domination and Drop Shipping Video Testimonial

DS Domination has re-instated our believe back that it can be possible to be successful selling online without having to know all this technical stuff that sometimes not a lot of people have the time or opportunity to afford expanding their business online due to money restrictions because of the downfall of the economy. With DS Domination, it can all change, it did for us, we did our first sale in our first 3 days of joining DS and that equal to our first $50 Commission and then the sales just keep coming in, even as I am writing thisRead More

Day 11 of My 90 Day Challenge

  It has been 11 days since I started my new 90 Day Challenge and I am already down 10 Lbs, super happy and excited about it, until I got sick with real bad stomach pains on Sunday night and ended up in the ER, luckily it was only bad indigestion due to something I ate on Sunday, still trying to figure out what because I have been so good with eating the right things, the only thing that I could think of, is probably the meat we ate at a Barbeque Place we went to have lunch at thatRead More

Follow My 90 Day Challenge To Lose 20 Lbs & Get In The Best Shape of My Life – Day 1

  Today I am starting my new 90 Day Challenge to Lose 20 Lbs and get back into the best shape of my life. I am ready to make my health a top priority as it should always be, but do to a past situation in my life I let myself go for the last time and i gained back 20 pounds which have had me feeling horrible and tired.  Today marks a new beginning to the new me that I will be working on and not only physically but mentally as well. At the moment I am learning toRead More

The Pros & Cons of Starting a Home Business

“Accept where you are, remember where you’ve been, but most importantly, know where you want to be” The Pros & Cons of Starting a Home Business       People seem to forget that every business ever created since the beginning of time was created right from their own basement or living room.  Every major brand, corporation and business out there started with an idea and with a business plan in which you had to present to the bank in order to get approved for the loan in order to get your place and then hire employees so your visionRead More

The 6 Best Tips to Making Every Moment of Your Home Business Learning Process Count

The 6 Best Tips to Making Every Moment of Your Home Business Learning Process Count Are you experiencing Loss of Focus even though your heart is telling you to do it? Fighting against all odds to make it work and feel like you are giving 100% and more of yourself with everything you do, to then realize you have barely made it to #3 of your to do list? So How Can You Stay 100% or more motivated in order to continue to build not only your potential to do it but also the consistency that needs to go withRead More

Speed Up Your Metabolism With These Easy Tips

Speed Up Your Metabolism With These Easy Tips Metabolism: we all want it to work FOR us, not against us. Your metabolism determines how fast you convert calories into energy. With a fast metabolism you’ll burn calories quickly and have lots of energy. But with a slow metabolism… ugh. You not only burn fewer calories and gain fat more easily, you’re sluggish and tired! Here are five easy ways to get your metabolism to speed up… 1 – Eat Smaller & More frequent Meals “Starving” rarely helps you lose weight – in fact, it does the opposite. You don’t wantRead More

Your Health Should Be Your Top Priority

“Your Health Should Be Your Top Priority”   Take Care Of  The Only House You Can Really Live In….”YOUR BODY”   Now a days no one is taking care of the only house they should be worrying about, which is “YOUR BODY” because they are worrying about other things, or because they don’t have time, is to expensive or they don’t believe in there true strength to make it happen, I am not saying that what you are going through at the moment is not important but if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle and you don’t feel good aboutRead More

Super Happy & Excited!!

When  You Set Your Mind to a State of I Must Succeed – You Don’t Stop For No One! @TeamYovakat   Hi friends how are you all doing on this beautiful day or night, depending on what time zone you are in, for me its 12:33am Eastern Time, everyone is asleep and I am here to share with you all that I am truly proud of me, and that I am freaking excited and happy because I found me again, my why I was put here and what is it that I have to do in order to make everything work theRead More

Prayers to Everyone Affected By The Oklahoma Tornado!

Prayers to all the families in Oklahoma, who have just gone through a horrible Tornado which damaged over 2,400 homes and impacted over 10,000 people in the suburbs of Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon, killing at leasr 51 people with the death toll expected to rise according to the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office.   KWTV in Oklahoma Reports That hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed and that the Tornado hit 2 schools and a hospital.  Rescue workers have been working together searching for survivors through what was left of the buildings and homes.     Latest Update: President Obama signs theRead More